Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Man found hanging in a tree

On Monday, September 3rd, Fife Police were dispatched to a report of a possible suicide in the 7600 block of 50th Street East. A man’s body was discovered hanging from a tree in a raspberry field that is also the location of a children’s baseball field. Neighbors who were walking home around 7:00pm after a walk to the nearby Puyallup River, discovered the man’s body hanging from a nylon strap that was draped over a tree limb. The neighbors pulled the man down to try and help him, but found he was already deceased. 

Fife Police spoke with other neighbors who knew the man and said he had been showing signs of depression for some time. The man’s journal was discovered and entries inside the journal led officers to believe the man had committed suicide. Police are still attempting to locate the man’s family for notification.