Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Woman comes home and finds another woman sitting on her couch

At approximately 1330 hrs., Fife Police were dispatched to a report of a fight in progress outside an apartment in the 6700 block of 20th St E between two females.  Officers arrived to find one female still present who reported that she was assaulted and robbed and the other female had run away.

The victim said that she returned to her apartment and found a screen removed from her front window and lying on the ground.  When she opened the door to her apartment, the other female, who she did not know, was sitting on her couch going through her belongings.  The suspect female said she just needed money and didn’t want any trouble.  The two began to struggle as the suspect female tried to run out the front door.  While trying to get away, the suspect bit the victim on the top of her head.   The commotion alerted two neighbors who came out of their apartments and tried to intervene.  One of them took a cell-phone photo of the suspect before she was able to get free and run away.  A police K-9 tracked the suspect for a short distance but the suspect was not located.

The suspect was described as a white female, approximately 5 foot 4 inches tall, 130 to 140 pounds, with dirty blond/reddish hair pulled into a ponytail.  She was said to be wearing a black jacket covering an army-pink camo sweater and blue jeans.  She was also wearing a white hat and had scabs on her face.

Anyone with information on the female pictured in the attached photo is asked to contact Detective Lieutenant Thompson at253-896-8287 or 253-922-6633.  Reference Fife Case #14-0770.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Notice to residents

Fife Police Detectives have reported an increase in burglaries and attempted burglaries in the Valley Avenue area of town between 54th Ave E and 70th Ave E.   It appears that a suspect is targeting homes and apartments during daylight hours when residents are usually away at work or school.  A home owner recently encountered a masked suspect attempting to push open their front door.

Detectives are asking that residents take time to make sure that their homes are secured when they leave them unattended and to telephone the police department if they see any suspicious persons or activities in their neighborhood.   Also, if you should return to your residence and find that someone has broken into it, please try not to touch anything or begin to clean up until officers or detectives have had an opportunity to process the scene.  
Anyone with information regarding the recent break-ins is asked to call Detective Lieutenant Thompson at 253-896-8287.