Tuesday, September 4, 2012

41 year old man arrested on kidnapping and theft charges

On the evening of Sept. 3rd, Fife Police were dispatched to a report of a missing 7 year old boy at a hotel in the 5200 block of 20th St E. When officers arrived, the boy’s mother told them that her ex-boyfriend had taken the child without her permission. She claimed that she had decided to take a shower and left the boy and the man together for a short time. When she finished her shower, she found that the boy and the ex-boyfriend were not inside the room. She telephoned the ex-boyfriend and asked him to bring her son back to her, but he refused. After several calls to the ex-boyfriends cell phone in which he either refused to return the boy or hung up on her, the woman telephoned police for help. She also found $900 was missing from her room.

Fife Detectives were alerted and found that the ex-boyfriend had a significant arrest record and had been released from jail a week prior for a domestic violence charge. With the help of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the male was located in University Place at the site of his previous domestic violence arrest. The boy was not with him and he claimed the boy was with his brother, a convicted sex offender. After several hours, the brother returned to the hotel with the boy in a taxi cab. The boy was unharmed and the brother was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. The ex-boyfriend was booked into the Pierce County Jail for kidnapping and theft.