Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Press Release November 6th-17th

Fife Police Department
Press Release

On November 6th at approximately 02:00 AM,  a Fife Officer was conducting patrols in the city parks when he came upon a vehicle backed up to the entrance of a park in the 800 block of 62nd Ave E.  The officer could see that there were two people inside the vehicle, but both were in the rear seat.  The officer observed that what appeared to be a lighter flickering off and on.  The officer contacted the vehicle and both occupants said they had just come from the casino and were waiting for a friend.  The officer could see drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle but both passengers denied any knowledge of drugs inside the vehicle.  A search warrant was obtained and detectives found multiple items of drug paraphernalia and a large quantity of methamphetamine inside the vehicle.  Both suspects were booked into Pierce County Jail for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 

On November 9th at approximately 6:00 PM, Fife Officers were dispatched to a report of a large group of people in a heated argument in the parking lot of a hotel in the 5100 block of Pacific Hwy E.  Officers arrived and found that during the argument, one of the male patrons threatened another patron with a knife.  The suspect was located a short distance away and placed under arrest.  Another female suspect lied about her name and was also arrested.  While sitting in the rear of a patrol car, the female became lethargic and told officers that she had swallowed a bindle of heroin.  She was transported to the hospital then later booked into jail. 

On November 9th at approximately 11:50 AM, Officers were conducting a security check of an abandoned house on the south side of the city.  The owners of the house had complained that someone had been breaking into the house and causing damage.  The officers located a male suspect inside the residence who claimed he lived there.  The suspect had been previously trespassed from the property.  He was found to have multiple warrants for his arrest out of Orting and Bonney Lake.  He was arrested and officers found methamphetamine in his pocket.  He was booked into jail for possession of a controlled substance and trespassing. 

On November 9th at approximately 2:00 PM, a Fife Officer was on patrol and was conducting a security check at a hotel in the 3500 block of Pacific Hwy E.   He observed a vehicle occupied by a female and could see that the female had what he recognized was a drug smoking device in her mouth.  When the officer contacted the female, he found that she had other items of drug paraphernalia on her lap.  The female was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, and possession of a schedule 3 narcotic without a prescription.  She was booked into the county jail. 

On November 16th at approximately 4:00 PM, Fife Officers were dispatched to a report of a fight between two females in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in the 3400 block of Pacific Hwy E.  The officers found that the two females were in a dating relationship and had been staying at the hotel across the street.  One of the females discovered that the other had been engaging in prostitution activity in their room while the other was away.  A fight ensued and ended up at the restaurant.  One of the females was arrested for DV assault and booked into jail. 

On November 17th at approximately 8:30 AM, A Fife Officer was on patrol and conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 5500 block of Pacific Hwy E.  As the officer approached the vehicle, he could see that the three occupants of the vehicle were moving around in the front and back seats and appeared to be trying to hide something.  The officer asked for additional police officers to help him and other officers soon arrived.  The driver of the vehicle was known to officers from prior cases where he was in possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine.  All three occupants were convicted felons.  As the officers were speaking to the occupants, one of the officers saw a handgun tucked between the front seat and the center consol.  The suspects were detained and the vehicle was seized for a search warrant.  Detectives located 2 hand guns, 1 shot gun, $4000 in cash, and over a pound of methamphetamine.  All three suspects were booked into Pierce County Jail.       


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