Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crime Prevention Tips - Residential Burglary

Nothing is more unsettling than coming home to find your house is shambles. The first line of defense against residential burglary is YOU. Criminals often look for good targets prior breaking in. Here are some tips that will help slow down and deter criminals from targeting your home.
  • Cut Shrubbery - Shrubs should not exceed more than 3 feet high, and prune the lower branches of trees up to 7 feet high to maintain clear visibility of your home. Keep shrubs from blocking vision looking into your house through a window. Often, criminals look for homes that have overgrown vegetation that keep them hidden and out of sight from street view. 
  • Lighting - Consider motion sensor lights or lights with a timer that turns off in the morning, and on in the evening. 
  • Alarm Signs - Be sure to place the alarm signs in front of all doors that lead into your home. Even if you do not have an alarm system, find some signs to deter criminals anyways! 
  • Accessibility - Keep items such as ladders locked in your home or garage. Do not give burglars the opportunity to climb through your second story window!
  • House Checks - If you are leaving town for any period of time, whether for business or holiday vacation, you can put your residence on our department's House Check program. Call our non-emergency number at (253) 922-6633 Your home will receive periodic checks by a uniformed officer.
The second line of defense against residential burglary is YOU. Criminals will look for the easiest ways to break into your home. Do not give them this opportunity!

  • Locks - Use locks on all windows, and dead bolts on doors leading into your home. Use large strike plates with lots of long screws and door reinforces. Doggie Doors are also a possible entry point. Place locks on your fence doors and/or bells to alert you!
  • Alarms - Use alarms with very loud sirens and strobes. Alarm stickers on windows also deter criminals from proceeding to enter into your home.

The third line of defense against residential burglary is YOU. The criminal has entered your home and has taken your valuables. Here is what you can do to help Police identify and investigate your stolen items.
  • Serial Numbers - Record the serial numbers on TVs, computers and other electronics. 
  • Safes - Safes are a great way to secure important items such as social security cards, passports, firearms and other items. Keep in mind that the safe should be too heavy for the criminal to lift, and too difficult for the criminal to break into. 
  • Photos - Keep photos of your property, especially jewelry. Keep your jewelry hidden! Store them in a creative area where you think a criminal will never look.
Lastly, consider Fife Police Department's Block Watch program. Know your neighbors and look out for one another. Click HERE to read more about our Block Watch program.