Monday, August 11, 2014

Officer Injured in Struggle With Suspect

On August 11, 2014 at approx. 0105 hours, Fife Police Officers were dispatched to a possible robbery of a citizen by gunpoint in the 1500 block of Port of Tacoma Road. The caller provided vague details, identified herself as “Sheri”, and stated she was “almost robbed” by a subject she identified as “Phil”. The caller described the suspect as driving a dark blue Ford Explorer and provided a license plate for the vehicle.  

Officers located the vehicle and attempted to make contact with the female driver and male passenger. An additional officer attempted to locate the caller a short distance away. As officers contacted the vehicle, a struggle ensued with the female driver. The vehicle was placed into reverse with the officer trapped inside the open doorway. The officer was dragged a short distance and dislodged from the vehicle. The vehicle was placed into drive and proceeded toward at the officer. Fearing for their safety, the officer discharged their firearm into the vehicle. The vehicle fled the parking lot and onto S/B Port of Tacoma Road. Unable to locate the victim caller, a responding officer began to pursue the vehicle. The vehicle entered S/B I-5 and began to accelerate. The pursuing officer reported two bright flashes from within the vehicle, heard two loud pops, and observed the rear window of the suspect vehicle shatter. The pursuing officer, believing they were being fired upon, took evasive action and created distance. The officer pursued the vehicle into Tacoma, losing sight of the vehicle in the 4600 block of “G” Street.   

The suspect vehicle was later located unoccupied in Spanaway. The vehicle was struck by gunfire and it appears the occupants may have sustained injuries.      

The original contact Officer was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released. The pursuing Officer received no injuries.   

The Fife Police Department is requesting your assistance with information on this case. Surveillance photographs from the business show several occupants associated with this vehicle prior to police contact. We are seeking your assistance with identifying the subjects pictured below. Information may be relayed to Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959 or Lt. Thompson at 253-896-8287.