Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet METRO SWAT’s armored vehicle!

If you’ve attended a community event in Fife recently, then you’ve probably had an opportunity to take a look at the Police Department’s newest piece of tactical equipment. If not, then I’d like to introduce you to METRO SWAT’s new 2012 BearCat by Lenco. The armored vehicle was awarded to the Fife Police Department in partnership with the Port of Tacoma through a Port Security grant and is shared among the Pierce County Cooperative Cities group which includes the Metro Swat Team.
The Lenco BearCat was built in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and shipped to Fife in July 2012. It meets the US State Department’s armor level E and is powered by a Ford 550 V10 motor. Other standard equipment includes:  4WD and a rotating hatch.

Optional equipment includes:
1.       4-Wheel Off-Road upgrade package with Run-Flats
2.       Front Mounted Receiver with Hydraulic Ram Post and Plate
3.       Thermal Imaging Cameras
4.       (6) 7” Vertical Gun Ports
5.       Explosive Gas Detection System
6.       Radiation Detection System
7.       Intercom System

To learn more about the roll that Pierce County METRO SWAT team plays in the community, visit their profile page at the WSTOA site here.

The vehicle is dedicated to the late Sgt. Mark Renninger of Lakewood PD              EOW 11-29-2009