Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fife Police Department Activity

Fife Police Department activity September 19 to September 26:

On September 19th, Fife Officers responded to the 4400 block of Pacific Hwy E for a report of an assault that had occurred in a nearby business.  The reporting person said a female had punched a male, then attempted to choke him.  Officers contacted a female in the area who matched the description provided of the suspect.  She denied any knowledge of an assault but she did have a warrant for her arrest for being in possession of a stolen bicycle.  The female, who was six months pregnant, was arrested on the warrant and found to be in possession methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.  She claimed the drugs were not hers and she was asked by a friend to throw them away.  She was booked into Pierce County Jail for possession of a controlled substance. 

On September 21st, a Fife Officer was on patrol when he saw a vehicle leave the parking lot of a motel in the 3100 block of Pacific Hwy E.  The vehicle began to accelerate away at a speed that was in excess of the posted 35 MPH speed limit and the vehicle crossed over the center lane.  The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver.  While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed what he recognized as heroin in the center ash tray.  The driver was arrested and detectives applied for a search warrant for the vehicle.  Detectives located over 200 grams of heroin, 29 grams of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and over $11,000 in currency.  The driver was booked into Pierce County Jail. 

On September 21st, a Fife Officer was on patrol in the 4800 block of Freeman Rd at approximately 0245 AM, when she came upon a female walking and stumbling in the roadway.  The officer contacted the female who was obviously intoxicated despite only being 17 years old.  The female told the officer she only had a “few beers” and was “only buzzed.”  She was arrested and transported to Remann Hall but was refused admittance because of her extreme intoxication.  Officers transported her to the hospital for treatment and she was finally booked into Remann Hall after several hours.     

On September 22nd, Fife Officers responded to the 1500 block of Port of Tacoma Rd for a report of a fight between a male and female.  Witnesses reported that a male and female got into a heated argument about drugs and the female began “hammer fist punching” the male in the back of the head.  Officers located the female a short distance away.  She initially denied knowing about a fight, but later acknowledged she had assaulted her boyfriend after he took something from her.  She refused to say what he took.  The couple were found to have a protection order in place and the female was arrested.  The male was not located and charges on him were forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.