Thursday, August 30, 2012

Man causes concern at council meeting, later arrested.

A man making odd comments about his recent activities during the public speaking portion of Tuesday's City council meeting caused concern among those in attendance. The man indicated he could access money faster than anyone simply going to an ATM machine. Officers were alerted and interviewed the man in a nearby park after he departed the meeting. A records check of the man's identity came back with a confirmed misdemeanor warrant for Theft out of Seattle, one misdemeanor warrant for Theft out of Chehalis and a felony warrant for probation violation for Larceny out of Oregon. A DOL check also indicated the man had a suspended license 3rd degree but admitted he had driven a vehicle to City Hall to attend the meeting. The vehicle was still parked in the City Hall lot. The man was then taken into custody and booked into the Pierce County jail where he awaited transport back to Oregon.